Happy holidays 2022! Hannukah 5783! 🪬 Now that many are planning their upcoming year I wanted to share some of my easiest productivity tips.

I often get asked about my time management, any particular week I’m sleeping too much, partying too much, an arts collective, managing communities, coding, managing coders, cooking, taekwondo, rabbinical school, etc. Not in an uniquely busy manner, more like humanely impossible when considering the bounds of reality.

I hope this short read can inspire you and give you some ideas that you can easily put into practice at your own convenience, or share it mockingly, it helps us either way.

Decisions that affect everyone were made by a few who are harming the world. Is good to stop and reconsider, why is it that I’m doing this? change our course towards community and compassion. Once enough of us have done it, the world will feel saved.


Calmness & Mental health

This should always be your top priority, managing to stay collected in any situation, and furthermore learning to rest and appreciate calmness will be super important to be able to do anything else.

I don’t like most commercially available approaches to mental health and the tools they provide, anecdata shows that approaches like: CPTSD, IFS, Logotherapy, and Psychomagic are far more effective at dealing with different mental conditions caused by the alienation of modern society.

Additionally, not only you have to deal with yourself, in order to effectively apply the discipline that you need for super productivity, you need to care about the emotional stability of people around you, I recommend familiarizing yourself with those as much as possible, and sharing with the people around you to send them on a path that will give you more calm time for yourself.

Achieving a clear state of mind where you understand very well what causes your behavior is super important to later on be able to design change strategies.

Whenever you feel anxious or distraught deal with that first. A task is performed much faster after pausing to take care of yourself.

There’s no data here to persuade you, just try it for a few days and do the math.

Physical health

Being healthy physically is super important too, no way around it, people hurt themselves because of the stress added to their boddies. The myth of normal.

You should aim to be at least a little active, eat well and add extra exercise and nature as often as you can. Depending on your style I recommend chosing from:

  • 5x5 weighlifting training that can be done alone, easy to pick up for begginers and fits very well in any schedule
  • Resistance bands are easy to use at home, adjusts well for any discipline level
  • Martial arts or group classes are awesome because they also add a community element, to me is all the same, find whatever is easy for you to get to and has people that you enjoy spending time with
  • Hikes and long walks, and nature hobbies are awesome ways to spend time with friends and staying healthy
  • Cleaning, cooking and crafting are helpful in staying active


Joining or creating a community are keys to making anything happen; communities are often in need of volunteers and ideas. Find a group of people that you like, or gather one, and challenge yourself to perform different roles to get a well rounded perspective.

Harm reduction

Harm reduction incorporates a spectrum of strategies that includes safer use, managed use, abstinence, meeting people who use drugs “where they’re at,” and addressing conditions of use along with the use itself. (harm reduction coallition).

These set of strategies are a useful approach to any behavior, asking oneself to stop or start doing something is extremely challenging, approach yourself and others with compassion, and try to reduce as much as possible the harm caused to others around you.


Create a personal system where you organize your tasks in a way that doesn’t become overwhelming. Focusing and boundaries.

Is easier to get closer to what you want by creating a system and focusing your goals in activities and not in output. For example by phrasing your goal as “write 10 minutes every day” you will be succeding at it daily vs setting a goal as “write a book”, and the book is more likely to be completed.

Rayogram from college

Make a system that provides you with the things that you need instead of trying to adapt yourself to someone elses’s guidance.