A brief description of my offerings.


web development

For the past 11 years I have been working as a web developer, mainly focusing on JavaScript, full stack development with Rails or Django, and tech communities. Most of my experience has been at marketplaces and early stage startups.


Techqueria (NYC)

Techqueria (NYC)

Techqueria is the largest community for latinx in tech. We host different kinds of events with our members in New York, California and chapters spread around the US. We have the flexibility to work with recruiters, marketing, DEI or ERGs at companies to craft experiences together and projects for the community.

Producer (NYC)

We have the network in NYC to produce all sorts of events depending on your goals and budget, photoshoots, raves, dinners, is all possible in the city that never sleeps.

Consent guardian

The concept of harm reduction is often only used when talking about increasing safety in drug and substance use – however, the principle applies to basic interactions between people as well. When we practice consent in these interactions, we reduce harm.