Happy holidays 2022! Hannukah 5783! 🪬 Now that many are planning their upcoming year I wanted to propose a new decentralized social network #ourspace.

RFC for a MySpace “replacement” that is decentralized, as in, each one of the members hosts their own, or folks can collectivelly host one. And we participate by linking to one another, and using a shared language and some vague rules it can adapt to everyone’s different personality, frequency of use, reason for using, while allowing professionals and amateurs alike to customize their experience, learn new skills and bring about the web we dream of.

Make a personal website, tell your friends about it so they can send pull requests to your wall. Add your top 8 as collaborators so their commits don’t need approval.

Everyone gets to make their own templates, styles, colors, background music, marquee, who cares, go for it. Get the internet wacky as it should be.. We can easily share code with instructions, folks can create articles, videos, we can teach a lot of non-coders how to host a free website that allows for pull requests or how to embed some plugins into whatever they’re using.

With template repositories it’s super easy to make your own page, fork it, replace some info, start over, branches, holiday themes, make mistakes, correct them, or leave them.

No ads or bullshit, but obviously any individual is free to host their own ads or sell comercialize their content. Except without having to intermediate with tech oligopolies. You could use open source tools to sell, or link to whatever service you prefer.

Also, bring back activity to the web, our first websites in high school where full of reading actual physical books, diagrams on pen and paper, impossible to find images or content to reference, and yet, we had a ton of fun and it kickstarted the carrers of many. let’s bring that back!.

The network is so robust that you can even connect in analog ways, print your url in a piece of paper, carry some stickers with you, add a youtube channel and your own editorial team, who cares.

If you don’t wanna maintain your own list, write a snippet that pulls it from twitter or whatever, like you can code, right?

Anyway, getting started on it, see you around there!

Get started now! We recommend using gloriaJs for an easy free open-source tool to make static websites that supports all the features required, with templates and taxonomy; check out participating websites in this opt-in list in github and consider adding yourself!

I’ll start my friend’s list:


Labels are helpful for our mental map of the world but they don’t actually define what they reference