Encuentra tu voz leadership workshop

When looking for professional advice, it is often hard to find masters that can teach other coaches cultural competency. In order to learn how to teach this skill, it is very important that you can connect to your most vulnerable self in a safe way to find the inner voice behind all the masks and learn how to integrate that information into your practice so you can guide others in a similar way.

This coaching methodology includes practices of logotherapy and bilingual storytelling by professional artists that can help you find your unique mission in life and express it through poetry to craft a cohesive leadership style and the confidence to inspire others.


Vulnerability is often praised but rarely attained.


We will go through 4 steps, the length and complexity will vary by your request and potential deadlines.

1 - Exploring your fears - your potential hides in your fears, your mission hides in the places you avoid, let’s explore them to create a set of psychomagical experiences that will let you overcome them.

2 - Integrate your new mission statement - after your discovery is over we can design daily activities that integrate in your schedule to help you integrate them firmly.

3 - Write down your narrative - we will do a few creative writing assignments and rounds of editing until you have a satisfactory story you can firmly believe in, and you feel proud presenting

4 - Translate to a different language, culture or industry - this step is the most important when trying to connect with a new culture whether familiar or unknown, guided by culturally competent coaches, we will rewrite and the story in a way that is pleasant to the community, you can firmly believe in, and proudly present it.


We recommend journaling through the process, and in general, include some form of journaling in your daily schedule. Adding the exercise prompts to your journal will allow you to practice this technique multiple times in the future. We recommend additionally writing the reason behind the prompts, it will allow you to better write your own in your coaching practice.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say beetlejuice’s name 3 times before requesting a quote.