Q: How can we break this patterns of thought? Do you have a method?

A: How do you get rid of preconceptions? thru suffering.

we suffer a lot. we put ourselves in situation.we can’t fix abstract situations. when we ask ourselves, we ask for example, what would buddha do in a similar situation.

we have incredible guides inside us that give us consel. so you consult the best in yourself. you need to learn how to love yourself for that.

that’s the main thing. love yourself

dont compare yourself to others. you are who you are. and let them be free as they are. learn to recognize the values of others.

if you can’t recognize the value of others you can’t progress.

you don’t own anything completely. we’re all part of a collective. the individual is part of a whole and we must act this way. were not a lone hero that shows up and changes the world.

nothing is ours. not even our body.

when one understands that one becomes humble. and realises that we are made of an artificial ego created by family, society and history, and an essential higher being who is you.

when the ego leads the higher being follows. we have to tame the ego and have it follow us instead. we move forward with our truth and the ego follows.

that way you learn to live the simple life. if you don’t like someone tell them. “i dont like you, can i give you a hug” it’s amazing what it produces. we’re very subjective.

we can tame our subjectivity.

is all i have to say

This conversation with Alejandro Jodorowsky where he used his own life story to talk about human potential and its fulfillment. When his film adaptation of the science fiction novel Dune fell apart, he committed his vision to paper, creating a comic book masterwork and proving that imagination and an open mind can overcome all obstacles. The whole thing is espectacular, but I wanted to share this part in particular starting around minute 39.