I got very frustrated with ruby one day and decided to make my own static website generator, like how hard can it be? read the indicatedd folders for files, decide which layout to use to wrap the content, output in another folder and deploy to github pages.

Gloriav1 worked out of the box 6+ years later after the first commit, tho node has changed a lot and my old code wasn’t great. I hadn’t figure out a few things back then and decided to take some shortcuts to keep releasing. Even had somme folks send pull requests and add features, pretty neat.

So here we are again, v2 released yesterday or something, and it doesn’t output websites yet, but it works really well, and soon this website would migrate to it, probably using the migration tool I’ll be writing over the weekend or some time in the future. This time around will focus on tailwind only, is very fast to learn and use, the compile is much smarter this time, so it would be easy for anyone to create developers for other tools compatible with postcss or whatever i end frankisteining.

This time around every step is independent, so that they can be more decoupled and evolve on their own direction. The actual command execution, and the event listeners for yargs are in separate files now also.

The program does something like:

  • collect
  • extract
  • prebuild
  • build
  • output
  • deploy

Every step is pretty self explanatory I guess, or read the source code, hoping to keep every step customizable by allowing to monkey patch operations and the ability to add plugins. In order for it to keep working tho, the API must be backwards compatible and all that, that’s why this time around the installation is local to the project, easier to ignore the whims of the developer if you can lock to a version.

We’ll see what happens, kisses.